What I’m working on for 2.5

Hi, everyone. stripShow 2.5 is nearing completion, and I thought I’d update you on what I’m working on. These are some new features:

  • The Add Comics page is going away. This is a part of my ongoing project to integrate more tightly with WordPress. Now, you can set comic options, upload comics, etc., from the Add Post page that WordPress provides.
  • The Bulk Import and Bulk Upload pages have been merged into a kind of file manager, where you can see what you’re importing.
  • Now you will be able to specify what characters appear in each comic. This is thanks to WordPress 2.8’s support for custom taxonomies. There will be new template tags and an archive page to support characters. These will behave just like tags, complete with auto-suggestion and clouds.
  • I’ve rewritten all the widgets for use with WordPress 2.8 — now they’re all multiwidgets, meaning you can use as many of each one as you’d like on the same page.
  • Admin interface enhancements — thumbnails and characters will now appear in the Edit list, and you can specify your characters using the Quick Editor.
  • Option to move to next comic by clicking on the comic itself.
  • Tighter integration with WordPress’s built-in functions. Now all my custom MySQL queries are gone, and WordPress is used for everything. This makes stripShow compatible with plugins that might modify the WordPress query, like Role Scoper.
  • A few edits to stripShow Sandbox — more customization options are moving into the stripShow Sandbox Options page.
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